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Efficient's Books and Whitepapers

A Survey of the Managed Futures Industry is a basic introduction to the Managed Futures industry written by Ernest Jaffarian, CEO/CIO of Efficient. Major sections include a history of the industry, characteristics of Managed Futures, investment analysis, portfolio construction, explanations of different trading strategies, and structured products in Managed Futures.
The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) is the leading professional designation in alternative investments. As an industry leader, Ernest Jaffarian was asked to author the Managed Futures section of the Level II curriculum, published in 2009.
Whitepaper making the case for Managed Futures and the iSTOXX/Efficient Capital index as a benchmark for the industry. The paper gives an overview of Managed Futures strategies, characteristics, portfolio benefits, and performance.

Our Recommended Reading List

Burghardt and Walls, are well respected researchers from Newedge, a leading Managed Futures Futures Clearing Merchant (FCM). They head up the research team at Newedge and give an excellent introduction to Managed Futures, from soup to nuts. They try to help investors understand the sources of returns, return distributions and other statistical characteristics of the distribution, how to structure CTA portfolios, how to access Managed Futures, how different types of CTA strategies correlate to each other and why, and the justification for the Newedge CTA Index and the Alternativeedge Short Term Trader Index (STTI), among many other topics.
Many people feel that CTAs are a "black box," and hence not able to understand why they trade as they do. Narang takes investors inside the mind of a quantitative trader who uses computers to implement his strategies. With an approachable, understandable style, Narang shows that the "black box" is just a disciplined servant obeying the will of its creator, a human being you can talk to and who can explain the system. If you want to understand how quantitative, disciplined trading works, you'll enjoy this book.

About Efficient

Efficient Capital Management was founded in 1999 by leading futures industry professionals from some of the world's most successful trading firms with the common goal of establishing an innovative multi-manager CTA portfolio investment firm.

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to serving our clients in achieving their desired exposure to Managed Futures.

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