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Why choose Managed Futures?

Liquidity, transparency, non-correlation – three words that capture key characteristics of Managed Futures. Every sophisticated investor knows the limits of traditional investments, such as long-only stocks and bonds. As a class of alternatives, Managed Futures has historically been uncorrelated with traditional investments, particularly during times of market turmoil. Now, more than ever, the key characteristics of managed futures can provide much needed diversification to stocks, bonds and even hedge funds.
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What makes Efficient unique?

A pioneer in the Managed Futures industry, Efficient was founded in 1999 to serve institutional investors. Using quantitative finance modeling and analysis, Efficient invests its clients' assets in the global futures markets through its proprietary trading platform. Efficient provides its clients access to Managed Futures products and to Managed Futures Traders across the globe. Investors have come to trust Efficient's experience and research to guide them in designing their Managed Futures investment strategies.
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How to access Managed Futures?

Efficient has portfolio solutions for the full range of institutional investors, approaching the investment needs of each client personally and uniquely. At the heart of all our work is the belief that diversification adds meaningful value, and that a multi-manager approach can lower single manager risk and increase risk-adjusted returns.
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About Efficient

Efficient Capital Management was founded in 1999 by leading futures industry professionals from some of the world's most successful trading firms with the common goal of establishing an innovative multi-manager CTA portfolio investment firm.

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to serving our clients in achieving their desired exposure to Managed Futures.

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